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Deirdre Price writes plays and other things. She once threw a rock at a dragonfly trying to get it to fly away but her aim was so bad that it was good and she killed the dragonfly by accident. This experience has stuck with her and is a major influence on her work. Deirdre's whole life seems to them now to be a search for absolution for this moment. Maybe art will set us all free.


The work is difficult and strange and aspires towards queer utopia, optimism, anarchism, and a pedagogy of possibility. The plays and other things that Deirdre writes have been developed with The Bechdel Group, Kitchen Sink Artist's Collective, and Hollins University, amongst others, and she is a proud member of the Dramatists Guild of America. Deirdre uses she/they pronouns and her greatest dream is to meet Bigfoot. If you are Bigfoot and would like to meet up, please reach out.


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